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Address 220 N Green St Chicago, IL 60607 United States

Purpose: For Sale

Type: Commercial property

Ownership: Owner

Status: Sold

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If you have an urge to create that really must be scratched, whether professionally or as a hobby there is only so far that you can go before you need a dedicated space in which you can absorb yourself in your art. Ideally you are going to need space away from other people so that you have time to think and lose yourself in your creativity. A dedicated space also means that when you return to your normal life you don’t want have to spend ages packing everything away. Whether your interests in music, painting, arts or crafts or decorating, having your own workshop is the best possible gift you can give to yourself to provide the opportunity to truly explore your creative talents. So, what are the different hobbies that people often look to take further at home, and how best can we build a creative environment to pursue them within.



Creating a music studio is perhaps the trickiest task of the three mentioned above. Only You will be requiring excellent sound quality and plenty of volume but in a way that doesn’t bother other people. If the creative bug strikes at 4AM it’s important to be able to create, safe in the knowledge that you’re not disturbing others. Unfortunately, both sound installation and insulation are difficult and expensive tasks. If you live in a property with a lot of land your best option may be to site yourself away from the main accommodations. The volume of sound drops rapidly over distance, so a 10m from the loudest of studios can be sufficient. If this is not an option then you may need to build a room within a room in order to contain the noise. Anywhere that air can escape noise will to, so this can be a very tricky job to accomplish, and you will need ventilation in order to work comfortably. Running a music studio can rapidly become expensive so make sure you choose a supplier with the cheapest gas and electricity.


Art & Crafts

The main requirements for an Arts and Crafts or Painting studio are a good source of natural light and an inspiring natural space to work in. Attic rooms can be easily converted into a great workspace, or if you wish for peace and solitude a ‘posh’ shed can be installed at the bottom of your garden. FurnitureCap can easily help you to decorate your space in the way you are always imagined.



If your studio is situated outside of your home, existing security measure may not be adequate. If you are planning to use expensive equipment it’s worth considering adding it to an existing alarm network. Good locks and security lighting are also essential providing you with peace of mind that everything is secure and helping light you’re way back to your work if you pop inside for a cup of tea.

In closing, whether you are a professional of hobbyist, having a dedicated space is essential to the development of your art and is a truly essential step towards exploring you potential in your chosen discipline.


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