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House 35, #518

And a righteous bitch he is, true....Paul Stanley definitely comes across the most bland on his solo album, and also the least likely to fuck with the Kiss '78 pop-metal lean. These songs could've been a big part of Unrecorded Kiss Tickets Album 1978 (Stanley's The Dick Receptacle) had it actually been released, there's so few surprises in store. Just more poppy metal after more poppy metal after poopy ballad after poopy ballad. He is supposedly the 'romantic' one, for whatever reason (he wears the red lipstick? If so, who exactly is he trying to 'romance'? 'or 'love?' or 'rock 'n' roll'? 'or 'make?' or whatever other hammy euphemisms Kiss always uses for fucking.) and he feels it's his duty to make all these 'mature' disco-ey love songs like 'Ain't Quite Right' and heart-rending and stomach churning and eyelid-drooping gick like 'Take Me Away (Together As One)'. Perhaps if he were a better singer...if Steve Perry were singing this proto-power-ballad nonsense, I'd probably love it. But it's Paul, and you know my feelings for this guy aren't too much higher than 'not currently on the Hit List'. But at least that song has discernable power...'Hold Me, Touch Me' is Barry Manillow-level dogshit, and there's just no excuse for having that around at all. I guess releasing four solo albums just allowed the quality control standards to become really lax.

But, oh man, there's a couple of GREAT songs on here. Okay, one, but that's one song more than on Gene's and Peter's albums combined. 'Wouldn't You Like Me To Know' indicates Paul's been listening (and paying close attention) to Cheap Trick, I guess trying to return the favor for the Kiss mention in 'Surrender', no doubt. This song IS Paul's best ever...power pop might just be the vein that he was built for...itchy riff, unforgettable vocal hook, and it's nice and snappy, too. This is some fantastic stuff, I'm just sorry it lasts only one song. I sorta like 'Love In Chains', it's corny, but it has this nifty funky part and a hook that could have been written by someone with a shred of talent. Aww...Paul Stanley's got talent. I've been awfully hard on the Beaver. It's just that he uses it for the advancement of Good so rarely, and falls victim to the Dark Side of Dookie Piffle Saccharine Overload Bladder Cancer altogether too often. Read more: TicketsRide


Address 7 Geraghty Ave, Austin

Purpose: For Sale

Type: Apartment

Country: United States United States

City: Austin

Ownership: Owner

Status: Sold

Views Counter: 50


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  •   Air conditioning  true
  •   Internet  true
  •   Balcony  
  •   Parking  true

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